Peter Mayer – June 13th, 2015

Peter Mayer 2Peter Mayer 1

What people are saying:

“Such a fantastic evening!!!!”

What a terrific performance; a great guitar player and thoughtful lyrics. We really enjoyed the evening, sang along and laughed out loud!

“I had such a great time! Superb sound, great atmosphere, and kind people!

“A great singer/song writer performing with a cool professionalism that had us all singing along, swaying to his music, and bringing “fellowship” home !”

Mark Barger opened the night:

Mark Barger

“Mark Barger, you rocked the house! I was not familiar with your music and love that I am now!

“thank you, Mark for sharing your music with us!”

Jonathan Byrd a songwriter workshop Wednesday, July 22nd

Dana Cooper Saturday August 1st

9/12/15: Kasey Rausch has found her musical home in the folk/Americana world of singer songwriters. Having just released her 3rd album, Guitar In Hand, Kasey will be joined on stage by pedal steel and baritone guitar player, Marco Pascolini.

Featured image(Photo credit: Paul Andrews Photography)

“My music comes from four generations of artists, farmers, homesteaders, prairie dwellers, and Missouri hill folk…I share stories as songs…Every day is a song to me. I aim to capture moments of the present, relate them to the past, and archive them for the future.”

David Hakan is a native of Kansas City who has been performing his original music for many years. In 1992 he co-founded the Songwriters Circle of Kansas City with Dave Lizor. This nonprofit organization has a regular event each month to showcase area singer/songwriters.”


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